Component Structure

  • Active ingredient: k-othrine flow 5% EC.
  • Odorless, non-staining  and  active  against  all  flying  and  crawling insects.
  • Safe for  warm-blooded  animals  as  this  does  not  penetrate  the
  • keratin layer  of  the  skin  unlike  the  conventional  insecticide  like
  • Malathion et
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Broad spectrum of actio
  • Approved by EP

Fogging Operations:

  • Active ingredient: King Fog 25 ULV
  • Oil based concentrate-containing 10g of Deltamethrin W/V per liter.
  • Fast kill of adult mosquitoes resistant to organ chlorine and organ phosphorous insecticide
  • Safer to human beings and animals as Kingfog 25 ULV
  • contains a biodegradable synthetic pyrethroid.

Our own  combination  of treatments  eliminates  domestic  pests  such  as silver fish, lizards, cockroach’s moths, rodents, spiders and cobwebs and prevents their further growth with their residual effect.
Another unconquered enemy of man is mosquitoes. Much appreciated by all  our   clientele   for  its  deadly   effectiveness,   our   mosquito-control treatment not only eliminates mosquitoes but also releases reproduction inhibitors leaving little chance for re-infestation. We have formulated two combinations _ one that produces pleasant fragrance and the other completely odorless, which is virtually non-toxic, no vapors emitted and biodegradable. Both are non-staining and have a long time residual effect of 20 days.