The salient features of the innovative Termiticide are:

  1. No odors
  2. Very safe to humans
  3. Non-repellant : Termite cannot detect treated zone& exposed  to lethal doses  ensuring
  4. Maximum Kill
  5. Rapid action : Termites cease     feeding immediately on exposure to  the formulation preventing to any further.
  6. Effective protection  :   The debilitating effect of the treated zone on termites  ensure good  and  long lasting protecti
  7. Convenience: Low dose e., 0.07%  a.i. concentration i.e., 1 Liter concentrated product + 499     liters  of  water  making  500 liters of  ready to use solution.

We introduced a new generation species specific insecticides IGR’s (Insect Growth Regulator) to control termites (pre and post constructions) which are odorless, non-repellant (kills the pest unlike the usual Organo Phosphorous compound Chloropyriphos 20% EC).
The IGRs used here is Imidacloprid  30.50%  SC which works on the termites  producing  cascading  effect  on  the  pest  as  the  termites  feed through Tropholaxis (mouth to mouth feeding). Historically the best way to stop   termites   from destroying houses is by applying  chemical  barrier  of  the  Termiticide  in  the  soil  around  the structure.
Problems  a  innovative  Termiticide  is  used  which  breaks  the  repellant barrier mentality.