This formulation is injected in to the holes of the wood that have been already made by the insects. This method not only kills the insect but also the larva that is existing in the wood and might hatch any time of 8 years of period.
This   is   done   with   a   specialized   smoke   generator   which   contains cypermythrin  3%  as  an  active  ingredient  resulting  in  flushing  out  all crawling creeping and Flying insects. Its oral Toxicity rat LD50- 3061.22 mg./kg.  Which  is  virtually  non  toxic  and  thus  safe  for  humans.  Area should be fumigated at least 7 hrs. Frequency of the Fumigation depends on the infestation.
Dusting is done with inorganic compounds or Deltamythrin 2.5 WP. With all these three methods we can bring down heavy infestation of Cockroach problem.
Wood Borer Control:
Woodborers  are  the  pests,  which  live  on  the  starch  of the  wood  and convert them in to powder form, thus making the entire wooden structure hallow& week. These pests spread at a very high speed, as they are air borne. The larva of the woodborer travels through air. In this case also prevention is better than cure.
Method of Treatment:
The treatment method adopted here is by injecting a special formulation which has got flushing effect that makes the insect come out in to the open and die unlike the conventional  chemicals  which are used by the other pest controllers.